M.O.T.D Project

Practical services and assistance for those living through or recovering from prostate cancer.

M.O.T.D. is a service provided for Prostate Cancer UK by the Confederation of Community Groups.

The project provides practical support such as:

  • Bringing people together to form a group for support and activities
  • Supporting people living through prostate cancer
  • Working to identify support services for prostate cancer sufferers.

We can arrange for one of our trained Community Wayfinders to visit you to explain the service guide to you and inform you of the many services available including how to access:

  • The Good Morning
  • Good Neighbour Project
  • The Good Day Good Carer
  • Men of To-Day Support Group
  • The Home Secured Scheme
  • Fast Track to Benefits
  • Community Transport
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Access to Health Trust Services
  • Upcoming events and initiatives

If you are interested in availing of any of the above services please:

Contact: Pat Quinn on 0283026 1022


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